Enabling Connectivity

What We Do

Ausnetics’ team of skilled telecommunications engineers and IT specialists provides variety of consultancy services to its customers. We specialise in turn-key solutions and deliver services with our customers in mind.

Making it easy for our customers is our philosophy.


EME Compliance

Ausnetics provides complete end to end EME compliance strategy for telecom carriers and their vendors. 

Site Audits

Conduct site audits to identify points of interest with respect to RF safety & to ensure sites comply with the telecom industry safety standards.

RF EME Modelling

Preliminary Radhaz Drawings.

RFNSA Management

Managing RFNSA data for our customers (antenna configurations and STAD).

Compliance Documentation

ARPANSA Environmental EME Reports. Telstra F01, F02 and F04 documentation. Optus and Vodafone Form A/Bs.

RF Design

Prepare feasibility reports to support Site Acquisition, Environment & Design (SAED) process.

Data Analytics

We have experts in the field of data analytics to help you dig insights for your business using cutting edge technology

Who We Are

Ausnetics is an Australian Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services provider with a team of highly skilled professionals specialising in the fields of RF Network Engineering, EME management, IP Networks, Data Analytics, Business Analysis and Project Management. Our services extend to all parts of Australia and are committed to highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Our Startegy

At Ausnetics, we aim to provide a seamless experience for our customers so they can keep empowering our society. Connectivity is a basic need of modern societies, and our role is to enable opportunities for customers through our services

Our Culture

Ausnetics’ culture is what binds us together as one company. Our strategy spells out what we do, our values explain how we deliver and our purpose is our reason for existence. Being a part or a partner to Ausnetics means sharing our commitment and passion for these key elements that shape our culture.

Our Purpose

Deliver customers cost-effective and quality ICT solutions through a highly skilled workforce and keep Australia connected.



We believe every day is an opportunity to learn. We are inquisitive and believe in trying, failing fast and pivot.


We believe reliability, consistency and trust is fundamental to maintaining lasting relationships. We take pride in keeping our promises.

Be Respectful

We listen to our employees, customers, partners and care for them and connect at a human level.

Work Together

Diversity makes us strong and helps us provide better solutions. It brings new angles to how we work, helps us collaborate effectively and motivate each other to succeed.

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